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Mind you us established Pentax users have already bought all the good stuff, And since the release of the FF camera, the best of the legacy glass has become rare and expensive. You are right, I should have clarified that — among the three brands, Pentax does actually have quite an extensive lineup of native crop-sensor lenses.

And you certainly can use legacy glass on the Pentax camera as well to extend its capabilities though Nikon and Canon each have huge lineups of legacy glass, particularly Nikon. Still, the overall lineups of modern Canon and Nikon lenses are more extensive than that of Pentax, particularly if you end up upgrading to a full-frame camera and want to take advantage of things like supertelephotos, tilt-shift lenses, and so on.

Not a knock on Pentax, but the overall set of lenses and other accessories available for Nikon and Canon is simply larger and newer overall. Hi Spencer I hate comparison reviews for the very reason that they are biased towards what the reviewer considers to be important and very subjective, and will ignore what others consider to be important. Most writers of articles and professional photographers will always try to avoid this topic. I would have rather that you call it a ranking of the cameras that you have reviewed and why you rank the D 1.

You walk into also sorts of issues such as define entry level, ignoring the unique bells and whistles on models and that they are designed to cover specific markets. I have a canon EF lens that was manufactured in , so the EF technology is just as old. It still works, noisy and slow, and is a push pull zoom, but is sharp as. I take it out only occasionally as spares are hard to come by.

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My first camera was the D, that was 5 years ago. I bought it after doing a lot of research and reading reviews online. Many people i know buy Canon for their first entry level camera instead of nikon, simply because of the lens prices.

A nikon 1. They have cheap 2. Their APSC-only mm 2. This is why canon has a high market share in the camera market despite getting frequently mocked for their sub-par releases. However as I am not in the US the names for the Canon cameras were rather confusing. I have to keep refering to another list to find out which one you are talking about. In articles like this could you include both names at least the first time they are mentioned to help us non-US readers?

Canon naming conventions are crazy! These will provide a much better introduction to DSLR photography for anyone aiming to spend regular long days use. The entry level bodies really should just be considered for infrequent smartphone style use.

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Both points; the quality of second hand bodies and smartphone overlap of entry bodies; are of course the big problem for CaNikon. The warning about bundles needs to be shouted to everyone that can hear. I thought I was a smart person and bought a bundle last year when I purchased my D great recommendation by the way.

The bundle was trash. I did get a decent SD card and use the bag, that is about it. Even the tripod was absolute garbage and I only used it for a couple months before buying a Manfrotto. Bundles are pure evil. As for the D, the only real con besides lack of weather sealing is Nikon intends for us to use snapbridge to remote trigger which I did not like. I had to buy an old school remote with a wire input. It is not an ideal situation but it works.

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Great value, fun lens. Heck I bought a used D and I have that very lens sitting on it right now. Ditto on nut buying the bundles. Just a bunch of cheap poorly made accessories that end up in the trash. There is a huge profit margin in this stuff.

As others have mentioned the used market is a marvelous thing. Also, I always recommend people spend their money on a better lens rather than a more expensive camera. I am biased tho as I love my k just over a year old! Still, one very important feature neither you or your commenters mentioned is missing from all these cameras except Pentax: In Body Stabalization.

If you like to shoot primes in low light, the Pentax stabalization in the KP and the K70 will give you at least stops of ability to hand-hold for stationary subjects. This is a huge plus at least for me. I live at 57 latitude and shooting in less-than-ideal light is frequent. For others, perhaps it is not important. Thanks for the otherwise thorough write-up. I enjoyed reading the observations and feel that the conclusions are valid and insightful.

A point that might be worth more emphasis is that many newer photographers might enjoy developing their skill at video along with still photography. Focus and stabilization are two major issues with video, and it seems that the Canon dual pixel focus system, along with highly effective lens stabilization may really put them at the head of a list like this, especially the SL2, T7i, and D77 models.

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Their kit zooms do have a good reputation for video application. I wonder if anyone else feels that video capability could be pretty important to some buyers?

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I just wanted to comment on the lens selection for Pentax, Canon and Nikon. Yes, both Canon and Nikon each have a wider selection of lenses overall. However, since Pentax has IBIS in body image stabilization as opposed to lens based image stabilization for Canon and Nikon, the lens issue turns around somewhat — especially on a couple of points.

Both are great cameras. The lack of Pentax lenses is a bit over stated, I have not had any difficulty finding modern lenses for the KP. And there are still tons of legacy lenses to be found at thrift stores and garage sales. These are compact lenses that fit nicely in a small bag.

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I also have an arsenal of older Pentax compatible prime lenses. I sometimes use legacy 28mm and 50mm lenses when I want to keep my camera really compact. The KP has some features that I find really useful. The exposure modes include combining multiple exposures in the camera and selecting how they are combined. For star trails I can tell it to take 40 exposures of 30 seconds and combine only the brightest of each.

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This produces nice star trails in one image, and the noise level is reduced to practically nothing. I will keep the D because I have some expensive long lenses for it, but mostly use the KP. I saw that someone mentioned that Pentax has in camera stabilization so that any lens you put on it, including vintage manual high quality glass, gets stabilized.

Also, the image stabilization of the KP is the newer, highly effective 5-axis type. IBIS can be used with any lens, any time, any condition. First of all, a great review! But an Interesting result for me insofar as your no. But I actually bought your no. So why the K? It is an absolute pleasure using these old lenses, albeit in manual aperture and focus mode, as they produce stunning, quality pictures.

This last one produces gorgeous macro shots with beautiful bokeh. And to boot, I have two modern Sigma lenses, mm and mm. So with the K, I have the best of both worlds! Great article Mr.