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This month it is the 30th day. I know since it is a schedule While checking out I used my vision card to purchase some of my groceries. As soon as I swiped my card the cashier looked me straight in the face and said we're always hiring if you're looking for a job. My husband and I have monthly prescriptions that we fill at Dillons Pharmacy and recently, we both had medication dosage changes. We filled the changes and within a few weeks received texts that our refills were ready for pickup.

When we went for pickup through the drive-thru, we did not I don't know if they are understaffed but the quality of service has gone downhill considerably. They lose precriptions that have been faxed in by the Dr. Multiple times recently I haven't received the quantity of 1 certain medication I have taken for 20 yrs and nothing is ever said.

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For many years I enjoyed your deli and ate there most every night. Then the first thing that happened a new manager came in and they no longer allow you to have a drink with your meal. I thought that was being a bit cheap as other places where I have eaten give you a drink and we know it You need to get better people trained on computer!

Better customer service! We went in they told us they didn't have any prescriptions for us. We went out called another Dillion the lady pulled up on their computer found it said it was ready at the store we just walked out of.

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Then they I'm not complaining! This is a request to have our small Dillons Move to a larger building. It is perfect for Dillons!!! Since Shopko closed, we should move our store in it!!!

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Our town needs a lot of people! Would be great if we also had a Pharmacy!!! It's like twice as much room, ha Employee kallou falsly accused me of threatening to kick her butt after my fiance jokingly flipped her off. And I told him I will let her kick your butt. She knows us and knows he was joking around. And I never said anything to her. The other complaint is on the store manager Jenny.

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I was over charged on two products. Called and talked to someone who checked prices and confirmed that I was over charged. Came back next day, stood in line for 20 min behind people buying lottery tickets. Finally got helped and was told my debit card would be refunded. It never was. I am appalled by the way a manager assistant treated me today.

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  • They asked for my id for no reason at the register, after I went to my car to get it, they voided my purchase. After I voiced my frustration, the lady named Jennifer raised her voice at me asking to leave the store telling me "you I have always shopped before 6 AM. That is the best time for me due to my work hours. Anyways on that day it was like any other shopping day for me.

    I grabbed a shopping cart and proceeded. Wasn't long minutes and I went to Dillons to get a few things, i only took my Dillons credit card. I spent almost 45mins to an hour getting items. I got stuff from my free coupons, deli coupons, ect. It took almost 30mins to get to check out bc there was one checker. The check yourself was full due to only one I came in on Saturday on June 16th and ordered a cake to be picked up Monday June 18th I get there to pick up the cake and it was not done.

    The guy also told there was no one there to even make the cake. I am very disappointed because I shop at Dillons on 37th and Woodlawn every You can see all the terms and conditions at the link above. Carolyn started Wichita on the Cheap in as a way to let friends and others know about fun, affordable events and deals in Wichita. How do you get the extra fuel points by checking in with Dillons. Also how do you get the free coupons from Dillons thru the mail? Thanks so much.

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    Thanks for this tip, Carolyn! When I went to the Dillons website, I found another one that gives 4 times the fuel points when you buy gift cards on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If the 4x fuel points on gift card purchases is still available can you put up a link to it. This is a page that has coupons on gift cards, and if you scroll down the 4x Fuel Point coupon is on there. Here's what's happening "on the cheap" in Wichita. These are easy-on-the-budget events and deals you'll love.

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    Upcoming events and deals. Whether it's for a special occasion or everyday, these Wichita restaurant deals will help you spend less on eating out. Wichita Restaurant Deals. Have a family to feed? This list of restaurants in the area with free or almost-free kids' meal deals will help you go out without going broke.

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    Family time is fun time! Make it a priority with one of these affordable, family-friendly events and deals in Wichita. Wichita Family Activities. Keeping the kids busy can take a lot of time and effort, but it doesn't have to cost a lot of money.